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2014 KPR Observer - Initial Information & Ongoing Updates

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The Kona Pro Ranking (or KPR for short) is the system used to determine which Professional triathletes qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

The 2014 KPR Observer consists of an initial information package about the KPR and ongoing updates during the season.

The Initial Information Package (delivered at the time of purchase) contains:

  • a description of how the KPR works in qualifying Pros for Kona
  • a base prediction of the men's and women's cutoff
  • graphs and descriptions of the current KPR standings

During the season, there will be at least five EMail updates about who is already in, who is close to qualifying, how many slots are still open and updated estimates of where the cutoffs will occur. I currently plan to send out these emails a few days after IM South Africa (6-Apr), after IM Cairns (8-Jun), before the final races for the July cutoff (either after IM Frankfurt on 6-Jul or after IM UK on 20-Jul), after the July cutoff, and before the final races for the August cutoff (after IM Mont Tremblant on 17-Aug). 

If you want to qualify as a Pro, coach a Pro athlete, write about professional Ironman racing or are otherwise interested in the KPR, this is must-read information!

There are three different versions:

  • Individual Package (for a single athlete, 24$)
  • Team Package (if you want to share the information with other athletes in your team or training group, 39$)
  • (includes an analysis of your racing schedule, personalized updates and follow up via email, 149$)

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

You'll get a PDF and at least five EMails during the season.

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2014 KPR Observer - Initial Information & Ongoing Updates

0 ratings